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Soundtrack Bands


Ester Gordon (Vocals)
Gary Hesketh (Guitar)
Scot Harris (Guitar)
Paul Heywood (Bass)
Gordon Cameron (Drums)

Influences: Deftones, SiKth, Sonic Youth, Tool and Björk.

"With a voice as versatile as Skin’s, the singer tops the down-and-dirty. Bass-line grooves and shredding guitar licks better than a flake tops a chocolate sundae. The band's ability to completely change style gives us glimpses of their more melodic side as well as upbeat, powerful, free-for-all speed metal."

MODO have a sound they can continually develop. Their music is raw, heavy and energetic, but also fragile and haunting. They want their sound to be remembered. The band are currently working on animations for the track ‘Rust’, available soon.

"Rust" - Episode 1 (download)

The Angel Conversations

Katie Murray (lead vocals)
John Phillips (guitars)
Eileen Taylor (bass, keyboard)
Norma Dalgleish (drums)

Influences: Heather Nova, Pink Floyd, Rodgers & Hammerstein and The Who, Sister Bliss, Martin Gore, Tori Amos, Ella Fitzgerald.

"…and from the unlikely ashes of country rock and folk the Angel
Conversations rose, bringing together a range of musical influences
from punk to goth to rock, pop, folk…even jazz…with massive
pedal boards. The original combination has resulted in a distinctive sound, mixing progressive and aggressive guitar, fragile vocals, menacing keyboards with hard and fat expressive drums, which has gained them a growning fan base in their native Edinburgh and as far afield as Europe, the States and New Zealand. "

With day jobs that range from software consultant to unemployeed oaf the Angel converations have manged to self- fund their venture so far, though, should anyone care to ask, all of the Angels would much prefer to be full-time musicans.

"Crushed" - Title Sequence (download)
"Bitter Taste" - Episode 1, Episode 2 credits (download)


Gordon Berry (Voice and Guitar)
Various other contributors

Influences: Various Punk

Glue, from Kilmarnock in Scotland, consist of Gordon Berry on voice and guitar either by himself or with various different people backing him. The BloodSpell team originally came across them via a demo CD, and immediately fell in love with their old-school rough punk sound.

Released one album "Glue" in 2001 on Xstatic Records. Gig very sporadically.

"The Matelonian Cowboy" - Episode 1 Credits
"Funk Dancing For Self-Defence" - Episode 3


Chris Blair - Lead Vox | Guitar
Greg Jones - Lead Guitar | Vox
Graeme - Chyla Drums and Precussion
Mike Edie - Bass | Vox

Influences: Fame, money, Santa Claus

“The next big hope for our guitar music” -
Barry Gordon, Sunday Mail.

Rieser are four-piece, 2 members hailing from the Capital City itself, Livingston and St. Andrews. Rieser have steadily, over the years, gathered a strong and loyal following, performing gigs all over the U.K. and featuring on Local & National Radio as well as internet radio and download charts. Reaching the No.1 spot on Ragtime and featuring on Tartan Podcasts, Tripcast Radio, Radio Nowhere (Cambridge).

"Rockstar" - Episode 2
"Children's Army" - Episode 4 Credits


Andrew Birkett: vocals and bass
Thomas Robertson: guitar
Iain Galloway: vocals and drums

Influences: Everything we've ever heard! Lit, Incubus, Live, Porcupine Tree, Queen, Wildhearts.

"witty, sarcastic, surprisingly complex lyrics"
"Proxy, basically, rocked."
"the band waltzed knowingly and gleefully into Spinal Tap territory and the audience loved it"

Fighting to balance geek related day jobs and making catchy caffeine fuelled songs isn't easy, but someone has to do it! The Edinburgh based three piece now have a number of gigs under their belts and are looking to record another EP as a staging point to further melodic silliness.

"Slasherflick" - Episode 4 chase sequence

Jason Webley

Jason Webley - all instruments and vocals

Influences: 80's punk rock, leonard cohen, mr. rogers, pogues, tom waits, neutral milk, vladimir vysotsky and the sound of music

"Webley howls at the rafters with the courage and conviction of a
long-gone sailor, and seduces the candlelight with melodies as
delicate as a gossamer balloon; he pumps the bellows like a Romanian wedding singer and feathers the keys like a desert drifter."

-San Francisco Weekly

Jason Webley appears like a back-alley prophet in layers of baggy
clothes, a trench coat and an old pork-pie hat. He jumps onto stages, window ledges and bar-tops, feverishly pumping the bellows and stomping out the beat while roaring or whispering in his passionate gravelly baritone. His music is a mix of gypsy, folk and punk and at his concerts, the spaces between songs are filled with puppets, stories and sing-alongs. A Seattle native, Webley has released four albums and toured all over the world since 1998.

"Dance While The Sky Crashes Down" - Episode 5 Episode 5 credits (download)

Screaming Banshee Aircrew

Mister Ed - Vocals, clowning, gurning
Jo Violet - Vocals, violin
Screaming Nick - Guitarist
Chris Banshee - Bassist, button pusher

Influences: The March Violets, The Horatii, The Cramps, The Cure, Bauhaus, Bowie and New Model Army.

Formed in 2001, SBA are a four-piece Alternative/Deathrock/Post-Punk band based in York, England. Their music represents an eclectic range, but is characterised by the combination of guitars and intertwining male and female vocals. With a sound varying from tongue in cheek humour and rockabilly to sombre ballads and dancefloor stompers, influences include bands such as The March Violets, The Horatii, The Cramps, The Cure, Bauhaus, Bowie and New Model Army.

The Screaming Banshee Aircrew released their first self-financed album, "No Camping" in late 2001, followed by the live video "The Screaming Banshee Video Showcase". 2003 saw the launch of their second self-financed album "Titanic Verses", coinciding with an appearance at the Edinburgh Gothic Weekend in February and a subsequent appearance supporting The Cruxshadows in Leeds.

"Hello Mr Hyde" - Episode 7, Episode 7 credits (download)


Solo artist

Influences: The Prodigy, Ms. MINOGUE, Madonna, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Blondie and many others

Over the past few years JANAJANA's musical career has amassed an impressive list of credits including a tour in China, a Canadian Concert Military show tour to Afghanistan and the Middle East, tours across Canada performing for television shows and in night clubs, was a feature entertainer for the city of Vancouver's Canada Day Celebration, and the city of Surrey's Canada Day Celebration to over 20,000 fans. She was also chosen as the star entertainer for Fairchild TV's talent show for over I million viewers across Canada and China.

This multi-talented singer, songwriter, performer has from a young age dominated dance competitions and earned performance scholarships. Her drive and infectious spark has kept her in the public eye, performing and entertaining around the globe. She has been featured in videos, documentaries, short films, commercials and Movies including filming the MTV movie "Monster Island" performing alongside Carmen Electra.

"Revel In Love" - Episode 9 - Hallucenation Sequence (download)